Alistair Scott

Alistair Scott

Alistair was born in Harrogate and lived there for 33 years before moving to new employers in Hertfordshire in 1999. A change in employers in 2014 led to the opportunity to work in a home-based position. This allowed him to return to his native Yorkshire in 2015. He chose to make his home in our village – Thorner and in doing so he found ways to contribute to the village. Initially he was a volunteer Community First Responder with Yorkshire Ambulance Service for a little over two years. He has contributed to bonfire builds/clear ups, litter picks and latterly assisted the team installing the Christmas trees on Main Street. He took an additional interest in the work of the Thorner Parish Council, attending meetings for approximately 18 months before eventually being co-opted to the Council in 2019.

Apart from a desire to ensure the continuance of a safe and successful village community, his interests include natural history and walking, enjoying the countryside around the village. Amongst other interests, he can often be found on his plot alongside Heathcote Avenue, attempting to off-set his carbon footprint by growing vegetables.

Professionally Alistair is a Quality and Regulatory Compliance Auditor for a global pharmaceutical company travelling worldwide in order to maintain clinical compliance and pharmacovigilance processes as well as product quality.

His role on the council includes being a member of the Maintenance Team, where he has undertaken a survey of the benches. He is actively involved in the clearing and ongoing refurbishment of the seating areas in and around the village.

In support of the Parish Council he also drafted the schedule of works to restore Millennium Green to its previous glory. In conjunction with other council members and third-party contractors he has been responsible for general weeding and trimming of the many garden areas, physically completing some of the work himself.

Whilst serving on the maintenance working party, Alistair also is keen to develop his knowledge of the planning laws, as they apply to the responsibility of the Parish Council.

He can be contacted via the clerk to the council :- or directly by email: