Neighbourhood Plan

Under Regulation 14 Thorner Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (TNPSG) must carry out a public consultation and seek your comments on the presubmission draft Thorner Neighbourhood Plan.

The Localism Act 2012 gave local communities the opportunity to set out locally specific
policies for the development and use of land, through the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan. The decision to draw up such a Plan is optional, but allows us to set out proposals for the growth of our community over the next 15 years.
A Neighbourhood Plan cannot be used to impede proposed developments which have already gained planning consent. It should also be in general conformity with the strategic policies for the area, as set out in the Leeds Core Strategy. The Neighbourhood Plan cannot stop all development, but it should define the nature and extent of development acceptable to, and required by, the local community in Thorner.

Why Thorner needs a neighbourhood plan

After the Neighbourhood Plan is approved in a local referendum it becomes part of the Leeds City Council’s statutory planning process and will be considered when adjudicating planning and development matters in our locality.

Thorner Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (TNPSG) was formed in 2012 to consult with the local community about producing a Neighbourhood Plan. Following surveys, questionnaires and public displays, the Plan has developed to the stage we think is now ready for consultation.

The six week Consultation period will run from 19th July 2021 to 31st August 2021.

You can respond using the form in the printed edition of the neighbourhood plan and posting this at The Bungalow, Main Street, Thorner addressed to Neighbourhood Plan presubmission consultation or by completing the online response form.

Your data will be retained by Thorner Parish Council as evidence of the pre-consultation taking place and will not be used for any other purpose.

For more information, please see the Regulation 14 Consultation Notification for the Pre-submission Draft Thorner Neighbourhood Plan 2021 to 2033.

Consultation documents

To download the consultation document, please use the links below. We recommend that the print version is only downloaded if you wish to print the entire document. Printed versions of the document will be available within the village.

Layout plans

The layout plans are full resolution versions of graphics and tables included or referenced in the consultation document. They are presented here for ease of reference.

Views within the village

Within the document, views are referenced with low resolution images. The images below are the full resolution images for reference.

Additional documents

The following additional documents are provided to support the Neighbourhood Plan consultation and may provide additional context.

Planning application logs

The Neighbourhood Plan document references planning applications. The logs are available as a summary and in detail for years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.