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Leeds City Council

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East Leeds Extension

Approved Planning Applications

January 2016

Designers, Planners and Developers are all mindful of the need to mitigate traffic, noise, flooding and the requirement to enhance the environment.

The developers of the Northern Quadrant (the area of the East Leeds Extension which most affects Thorner), used the existing characteristics of the village as the template for the design of the new houses in the quadrant.

The last main issue discussed by the forum group was probably the position of the new roundabout which was proposed for Wetherby Road, the developers wanted to offset the roundabout so that they could progress matters without it affecting Wetherby Road too soon, further comment was made that the roundabout should be on the existing road for better traffic flow, either way existing traffic can be accommodated by phased diversion whist the roundabout is constructed.  There has not been a meeting of the forum since the Scholes meeting several months ago.

The Red Hall Development is now going forward sooner than initially intended, because money is available from a West Yorkshire Funding Initiative which will pay for the new Ring Road to be constructed (probably within the next three years), rather than wait for the developers to fund it as building takes place, otherwise there may have been a ten year wait for the road.

When the Red Hall development commences the Leeds CC Garden Centre will need to be moved with the destination likely to be at the site of the cemetery on Thorner Lane, the Parish Council submitted a document with matters of concern about this.

Whilst the effect of any traffic layout changes and vehicle flows will be of concern to residents of Thorner, these have been designed and discussed for many years, however final checks and design updates are ongoing, it should also be noted that most of the development is outside the Thorner boundary and therefore consideration must be given to whether there is a significant consequence as a result of the changes.

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