Web site style guide

The web site style will ensure consistency of information presentation across the Thorner Parish Council web site.


News articles to appear on the front page should be created as posts.  The posts should contain information in the text rather than link to an attached document.  Where the news relates to the publishing of a document such as an updates policy, a link should be added to one of the defined categories.

If additional categories are required, the site theme will need to be updated.

For information on how to do quotes, follow the theme link.

Please use categories and tags on articles as this links current articles to older articles on the same subject.

Longer articles

When writing longer blog posts, Insert Read more tag should be used to separate the introductory paragraph from the full body of the news article to avoid filling the landing page and shows a continue reading link for interested browsers.

An example of this use is the  Distraction-type burglaries post.

Quick notes

Use the post format Aside to post quick notes to the blog which appear without the title, a little like a comment in the post stream.

Web site image

Where possible, the website image will be updated in line with the seasons and the images used on the Parish News publication which will ensure a freshness and relevance to the site website and consistency across publications.

The theme used is twenty seventeen.