Your Council

The main aim of the Parish Council is to make Thorner a better place to live. There is provision for nine councillors who usually live in the village and give up their time on a voluntary basis. Each year the Parish Council receives a sum of money from Leeds City Council called the Precept, which is funded through Council Tax. This money is used to administer the council, and to fund a range of activities including grass cutting, gardening, maintaining areas such as the playground, providing a snow clearing service, looking after benches, and supporting village groups and activities. The Parish Council reviews planning applications and makes recommendations to Leeds City Council. It receives monthly crime reports and works with the police to ensure that Thorner remains a safe place to live. The Parish Council also works to ensure that the interests of Thorner are represented in regard to issues that could affect the village and its residents. It advocates on behalf of the village in relation to issues such as major planning applications, traffic and parking issues, and protecting green spaces. The Clerk is the only employee and his main responsibilities are to ensure that decisions are lawful, and to implement the decisions made by councillors, as well as undertaking whatever work is needed to administer Parish Council business. The Parish Council also advocates on behalf of Thorner in relation to issues such as major planning applications which could affect the village, traffic and parking issues, and trying to protect green spaces in the village. The powers available to the Parish Council are outlined in The Good Councillor’s Guide.


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